Art of Lubricant Application

By: Michael Krychman MD

Who would think that using a lubricant is complicated? But to get the most out of your lubricant and enhance your sexual comfort or pleasure it’s important to follow these quick easy application steps.

Get to Know your Lube

Most of us quickly open and squirt the lube directly into our hands and apply. A word of advice is to read the label and instructional directions that come with the lubricant package. Some have expiry dates so be mindful of the old dusty lube in the back shelf. Read the label and avoid any potential irritants like warming, flavors, bactericides and spermicides which can often burn your sensitive tissues and cause rashes. Some men and women can be allergic or sensitive to chemical ingredients so choose your product with care and thoughtfulness.

Avoid the Arctic Blast

Avoid cold hands by rubbing them together before opening and squeezing a small quarter sized amount of lube on your hands. You may also squeeze the lube on your hands and rub them together. The friction will create warm. If you prefer a warmer lubricant, consider warming the bottle in a cup or mug of warm water. Microwaves should be avoided as they have been known to cause burns.


Both partners should be well lubricated before sexual play begins. Make sure the man has an adequate amount applied to both the shaft and the penile head; women should apply lubricant both to the vaginal opening and within the vaginal canal. If sex toys or other accessories are part of your sexual repertoire, make sure your lube and toy are product compatible. Also use adequate amounts on the toy before insertion. If you’re planning anal sex, some advocate using a dollop of high quality silicone lube directly into the anal canal to provide easy entry.

Sexual Play

Keep your lube close by and handy for quick easy access in case of need for reapplication. Some lubricants have glow in the dark caps which may make locating them in the dark easier, but a bedside nightstand will often do the trick.

Clean up / Storage

Some people like to keep a small washcloth close for easy clean up. Store your lubricant in a safe, dry place out of the reach of children to ensure privacy. Your night table may not always the wisest choice for storage.

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