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"When we created überlube, we weren’t just setting out to make a superior product that helps people enjoy sex more. We also wanted to create something that could help remove some of the stigma and taboo around sex, to open up the conversation. Ultimately, we hope people will ask questions and learn, talk and explore, and just have a better experience."

Stephen Magnusen, creator of überlube


@JenniferWood asks...

Are there ingredients in überlube that could cause allergic reactions?

Überlube is silicone-based, and silicone allergies are rare. Überlube also has no added ingredients like scents, flavors, or spermicides, which are often the types of ingredients that often cause irritation and reactions.

Did you know?

  • Überlube is body-friendly—free of parabens, preservatives, and petrochemicals.

  • Überlube will not stain clothing or bedding—any spills can be easily cleaned with detergent and water.

  • Überlube is small-batch produced, tested, and bottled in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Überlube not only prevents chafe while swimming, but also protects skin and hair from chlorine and bromine.

  • Überlube’s skin conditioning properties make it great for bringing out the color in tattoos.

  • A small amount of überlube can be applied anywhere to prevent daily chafing, not just when exercising.

  • A small amount of überlube applied on your shoulders will give them the soft, healthy glow for bare-shoulder styles.

  • Überlube can be applied before blow drying for heat protection, or after styling for a protective, frizz-free finish.

  • Using überlube after shaving can reduce razor burn and keep skin soft and smooth.

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