Überlube and tattoos: Color, texture, sensation

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Überlube and tattoos: Color, texture, sensation

There are currently many over the counter products on the market advocated for tattoo improvement.  There have been user reports that Uberlube, a premium silicone lubricant, has been used to improve tattoo characteristics.

by Michael Krychman MD Chief Medical Advisor

Whether research studies have been performed in the USA, in Europe, or in Australia, the overall prevalence of tattooing is around 10-20%.  Tattoos while very popular, may be associated with long term cosmesis alterations including but not limited to changes in color, texture, and overall appearance.  These changes are often considered impactful to the person with the tattoo.

There are currently many over the counter products on the market advocated for tattoo improvement.  There have been user reports that Uberlube, a premium silicone lubricant, has been used to improve tattoo characteristics.


A convenience sample of 25 participants was recruited from a sexual medicine center to voluntarily participate in this 4-week trial.  Participants were asked to use Uberlube premium silicone lubricant one pump twice daily on their mature tattoo (greater than 6 months old).  Baseline demographic data and post use survey information was retrieved.  Participants were compensated with a small Amazon gift card for their time.


A total of 25 participants (7 male, 18 female) completed the 4-week tattoo trial (100% compliance). Mean age was 41.5 (range 24-63).  Past medical illness of the participants included high blood pressure (24%), diabetes (12%), and high cholesterol (8%).  On a Likert scale (0 being no complaint, 10 being severe) baseline concern of the tattoo was on average 7.12 (range 4-10), irritation 6.32 (range 4-10), and concern about tattoo color 6.84 (range 5-10).  36% of participants had tried previous tattoo enhancing remedies including vitamin E (20%) and CBD (4%).  16% of the participants had used Uberlube prior to the survey for sexual intimacy/intercourse.

On average participants used the product 2.04 times per day.  Marked improvement in tattoo characteristics after 4-week use was reported.  Patients reported improvements in appearance (100%), color (100%), texture (88%), and sensation (60%).  Overall, 92% reported that Uberlube provided an excellent barrier for their tattoo.

All participants (100%) would recommend the product to a friend, and 96% reported liking the bottle design, shape, and delivery system.  Previous use of Uberlube was 48% for sexual intimacy, 40% for ease of skin chafing, and 52% for hair styling.


Uberlube is a versatile personal care product.  It has a long history as a premium sexual intimate lubricant and has the opportunity to be used post tattoo to help enhance the appearance, color, and vibrancy of tattoos in selected individuals.  Other uses may include: improving scar characteristics, lip balm, chafe prevention, and hair styling.  Further study is warranted.


  • felt silky soft
  • easy to carry bottle
  • attractive bottle design
  • great bottle design, easy to use
  • I used it for biking and hair styling, nice bottle
  • I loved it! Amazing for your hair
  • improved the induration or raised area of the tatt
  • brightened colors and soften the skin
  • this product helped reduce the tattoo soreness and redness
  • would recommend decrease tattoo irritation
  • shiny tattoo, loved it
  • made my tattoo look nicer.  It was soft and not drying
  • improved the deepness of color and made my skin feel smoother
  • improved the color- no it is more vivid
  • great for improving the color
  • I liked it- the color is brighter even though I got it 2 years ago.  More vivid
  • smooth around tattoo and it improved the color
  • great color
  • improved color and sheen
  • enhanced the color, I used it before going out clubbing or gym
  • seems brighter, more colorful and more defined
  • decreased dryness and flakiness
  • improved the tattoo texture, improved/brightened the color
  • less instances of irritation or raised lines of the tatt
  • less instances of raised lines
  • improved color and sheen
  • I have a multicolored arm tattoo. This product made it pop.  The image seemed clear and brighter
  • Overall, this product worked great. My tattoo looks amazing when I use it.  I think it looks smoother
  • loved this product, my skin around the tattoo is smooth and my tatt is less raised
  • The color is brighter.  It’s great for sex too
  • very versatile product, as a triathlete I used if for chafing and it works great
  • My tattoo has never looked better.  It feels smoother and the color is brighter.

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