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Überlube talks to stylist and hair product creator, Steven Lightfoot

Steven Lightfoot is a Master Hair Stylist and Colorist who currently resides in Portland Oregon and frequently travels back and forth between New York City, where he has worked with some of the city’s best stylists. Steven is also a Product Development Expert and has helped create and steer some of the best hair care brands in the industry. His vast knowledge of product chemical formulation, hair appliances, and hair education development has given the companies he works for the edge to create and manufacture the best possible tools and education programs for the professional stylist.

A Q&A with Dr. Barb DePree.

Dr. Barb DePree has been a gynecologist in West Michigan for more than 25 years. In April 2010 she launched to help answer women’s questions about sexual health. Visit her site for more information about women’s health and sexual wellness.