Who Needs a Lubricant?

By: Michael Krychman MD

Although many men and women think sexual lubricants are only for older people, it’s not shocking to realize that over 50% of lubricant users are young healthy sexually dynamic individuals who use lubricants to enhance sexual prowess and pleasure.

Here is a short list of special groups of people who may specifically benefit from the use of a lubricant.

Anyone looking to enhance pleasure and prolong sexual excitement

Sexual lubricants can enhance sexual pleasure, promote long sexual sessions and improve friction during sexual intimacy. The proper use of lubricants can turn a hum drum sexual interlude into a dynamic love making session.

Breastfeeding women

Women who are exclusively breastfeeding often experience a rapid decline in their hormone levels which turns their vaginal tissues pale frail and inelastic. Sex often becomes pain and the tissues so irritated that many women avoid intercourse all together. Lubricants can save the day.

Medications that affect Sexual Arousal or Excitement

There are over 300 medications which can cause severe painful vaginal dryness. Some of the common culprits include oral contraceptives and anti­histamines which can leave your tissues parched and irritated. Check with your health care professional to see if your medications are impacting your sexual comfort. Lube is a simple safe solution.

Medical Conditions that Impact Vaginal Lubrication

Certain medical conditions like spontaneous or chemical menopause, chemotherapy and some rheumatological conditions can directly or indirectly impact vaginal health and cause vaginal dryness and pain during sex. For some, an over the counter non­ hormonal lubricant is the easiest and safest solution.

Menopause and Andropause

As we age, sexual function changes for both men and women. A man may take a medication to help maintain and prolong his erections, women, on the other hand may need more time to be aroused and maintain excitement. The duration of intercourse may be prolonged and lubricant may be a source of comfort during longer sessions of love­making.

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