Überlube and Lips: Chapping, Plumpness, Color

By: Michael Krychman MD


A convenience sample of 25 participants was recruited from a sexual medicine center to voluntarily participate in this 4-week trial.  Participants were asked to use Uberlube silicone lubricant one pump 1 to 4 times per day on their lips.  Baseline demographic data and post use survey information was retrieved.  Participants were compensated with an Amazon gift card for their time.


A total of 25 participants (11 male, 14 female) completed the 4-week trial (100% compliance).  Mean age was 39 (range 15-76).  Past medical illness of the participants included lung cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, scoliosis, chronic pain, low testosterone, asthma.  Medications of the participants included lorazepam, narcotics, Prozac, Symbiocort, inhalers, morphine, multi-vitamin injections, vitamin D, Oxycontin, oral contraceptives, testosterone replacement therapy, and clomephine.  36% of participants had used other products for lips including Vaseline (35%), Chapstick (80%), and multiple products (50%).  36% of the participants knew of Uberlube prior to the survey.

On average participants used the product two times per day.  Marked improvement in lip characteristics after 4-week use was reported.  Patients reported improvements in appearance (100%), chapping (96%), and texture (96%).  92% used Uberlube as a lip protective barrier, 92% liked the design of the Uberlube delivery system, all participants would recommend Uberlube for someone with lip issues.  There were no reported adverse effects.

24 of 25 (96%) reported a decline in the feeling of chapped lips.  Only 1 of 25 (4%) had no change.

23 of 25 (92%) reported a decline of lip irritation.  2 of 25 (8%) had no change.

13 of 25 (52%) reported improvement in lip color satisfaction.  12 of 25 (48%) had no change.

9 of 25 (36%) reported increased satisfaction in lip plumpness.  1 of 25 (4%) reported decreased satisfaction in lip plumpness.  15 of 25 (60%) had no change.


Uberlube is a versatile personal care product.  It has a long history as a premium sexual intimate lubricant and has the opportunity to be used on lips to help enhance appearance, texture, and color in selected individuals.  Other uses may include: improving scar and tattoo characteristics, chafe prevention, and hair styling.  Further study is warranted.


My lips felt hydrated and helped me break the daily cycle of chapstick

It hydrates my lips

Really helped with color

My lips are soft

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