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Überlube talks with Laura Fitzpatrick of Oh Baby Lingerie in Portland, OR

Q: Why did you decide to carry überlube?

A: There are so many kinds [of lube] we’ve tried and rejected. Over the years I’ve probably tried 25 different types of lube personally—I bring them home just because I want to know what to carry in the store. My husband has hated every one of them except überlube, which he loved. Now I only carry two kinds of lube: überlube and a water-based lube.

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Überlube talks with long-distance runner, Jacq Jones

Q: Why did you start using überlube on your runs?

A: Before I started running I had no idea how painful chafing could be. If you’re female, there’s a good chance you’re going to have inner-thigh-rubbing, and when you’re sweating it’s even worse because of the salt in sweat. Sports bras also cause chafing during a long run.

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Überlube talks to stylist and hair product creator, Steven Lightfoot

Q: Why do you like überlube for style?

A: There are lots of reasons, but one of the big ones is the simplicity of the ingredient list and the quality of the ingredients. Everyone in the industry knows what silicone is, but not everyone realizes there are different levels of chemical quality within a particular ingredient set. Überlube is the highest-grade, medical quality silicone, not industrial grade, which makes a big difference. If you can't put it IN your body why would you put it ON your body? Plus it’s fragrance-neutral, so it doesn’t mess with your favorite shampoo scent.

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A Q&A with Dr. Barb DePree.

Q: Which of your patients do you recommend lube to?

A: When women come to my consulting practice they begin by filling out an eight-page intake form. About 10 of the questions address their experience with intercourse, and if I notice any responses about discomfort or even dissatisfaction with sex, I bring up lube and talk to them about how it might help.

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